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Creating Positive Brand Communication During a Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the entire world has been flipped upside down. Travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders have rendered current and future business unpredictable. Unfortunately, just because normal life is on pause does not mean that business is on pause, and now is a more critical time than ever to solidify the future of your business. Positive brand communication has become more important than ever.

Keep Brand Communication Lighthearted and Helpful

Regardless of the tone of your usual posts, the general public is feeling fearful of both the present state of the world and the possibility of an altered future. Therefore, if your brand chooses to speak out during this time, it should be with positivity.

Keep social media light and two-fold; acknowledge the crisis at hand without hyper-focusing. The last thing consumers need to see is another article containing coronavirus statistics.

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Shift to Topical Content

Although your company may have had a massive launch scheduled for mid-May, the loss of jobs and income took precedence in many consumers’ lives. Most people are not looking to purchase outside of their essential needs while they stabilize their income.

This is why it is imperative to take a look at your upcoming schedule and delay some announcements that could be considered insensitive to the global crisis. Posting about unrelated events going on within your company may cause more harm than good, and may push away current and prospective customers.

The way your brand communicates during this pressing time will stay with consumers as they continue to navigate their lives.

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Adapt to the Remote Environment

Positive brand communication has changed across the board to almost exclusively digital. If not, it is through a glass shield and a mask. Most people have begun to adjust to working and learning from home, with new technologies to keep companies in touch.

Although an alien territory to most businesses, there is an increased need to stay on top of these new technologies in order to remain connected to clients and customers. Companies like Chipotle have already begun to adapt to stay relevant during a time when most people aren’t eating out.

Setting up a weekly Zoom call with employees or offering a free month subscription to a meditation app will allow consumers to feel connected yet cared about in a time where face-to-face communication is lacking.

Keeping in Touch

Just staying afloat during this global crisis is at the top of the list for businesses, but it is crucial to remain empathetic and communicative in order to keep consumers on your good side both during and after the pandemic. For some more help with social media marketing and presence, visit Fat Guy Media.

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