Promoting Your Brand with A Social Influencer: What to Consider

We are influenced by what we see online each and every day. Whether we are seeking guidance or unconsciously being primed, we tend to imitate people with online authority. This is why using a social influencer as part of your marketing strategy can be so beneficial. However, some online influencers can be detrimental to a business, so it is important to consider various factors before associating your brand with a person of large-following.

Power of A Social Influencer

Someone who has been coined a social influencer has done so because they’ve appealed to a large audience and created the impression of being knowledgeable. For example, someone who has demonstrated handiness online may start to gain authority with home renovation tips. Once they start to build a larger following even more people will begin to trust them, and trust plays a huge roll in marketing. If the social influencer you follow, trust and admire promotes a specific brand of paint, you are more likely to imitate their actions and buy into that promoted brand.

Choosing an Influencer with the Right Audience

One of the main draws of using a social influencer is gaining a much grander audience. In knowing this, your business has to consider what kind of audience they will be acquiring through association with the influencer.

If you’re a contractor, you likely would not seek out an influencer whose audience is comprised of children and young adults, as this demographic is unlikely to be needing a contractor. Your business should choose a social influencer with knowledge of your industry and will have many potential clients in their fan-base.

Associating Your Brand with a Human Being

In choosing the right person to associate your business with, you must remember that they are just people, and they are susceptible to making mistakes. While you may sign a contract that outlines the voice and behavior an influencer should use while promoting your brand and products, you cannot control what that person does in their personal life.

Unfortunately, influencers have damaged brands in the past through insensitive demonstrations. Just as much as your audience trusts an influencer, you should have trust in them to uphold a certain standard of behavior once they’re associated with your brand.

Invest in the Right Promoter

One of the reasons using a social influencer is so attractive to business’ is the ROI. Research shows that influencer marketing campaigns bring in over 6 times as much revenue than what was spent on average. Avoid overpaying for an influencer and decreasing the worth of your marketing strategy. By keeping these factors in mind, you are setting your business up for success.


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