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Is it Better to Use a DIY Website Builder or Hire a Pro?

For those trying to ramp up their digital marketing efforts, a well-designed and fully-optimized website is a great place to start. Not only will it serve as the focal point of your online presence, it’s also the place where you convert visitors to customers through savvy branding. If you don’t already have a site by now, what are you waiting for? If it’s because you can’t decide whether to use a DIY website builder or hire seasoned marketing professionals, fear not, we’ve compiled a quick, helpful guide that should make this an easy choice.

The Great Marketing Debate: Using a DIY Website Builder vs. Hiring Professionals

Unparalleled Design

Despite seemingly endless caches of templates, website builders offer very few customization options. And when they do, they’re usually only available as add-ons for purchase.

However, since website builders are popular, there are tons of companies operating similar looking websites. This is not ideal.

In terms of uniquely branding yourself, it’s more difficult to attract customers if users can’t tell the difference between your website and a competitor’s. You need to take advantage of any and every opportunity to stand out from competitors in your industry.

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When you hire web design and marketing professionals, they will be able to understand the nuances and complexities of your business, its products or services, and your customers, as well as what market or industry you find yourself in.

They will then use this knowledge and expertise to tailor a website that specifically mirrors the image of your company and its unique branding.

Also, by researching and analyzing the shared traits and demographics of your customer base, a professional web design agency will be able to present your content and messaging in such a way that directly appeals to your target audience.

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If your goal is to attract as many qualified leads to your website as possible, you should probably consider using search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately though, this process of using keywords to rank highly on search engine results pages just isn’t the same when you use DIY website builders.

First of all, ranking for search traffic using pre-designed templates is nearly impossible. When you aren’t able to rank for terms relevant to your business or industry, you’re bound to fail. You won’t pick up any new clients and sales, and therefore profits, may even nosedive as a result.

On the other hand, not only will professionals understand which keywords to choose and where to use them, they will also know how to utilize them in a way that will affect a visitor’s interactions with your website.

Since they know exactly how important design is to user experience, marketing professionals will be able to manipulate your site’s design to attract new leads and drive conversions in the process.

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On a whole, there are barely any problems or hiccups that you’ll need to deal with personally if you hire a web design agency. However, with DIY website builders, it’s on you to spend time and money figuring out how to operate it and correct issues.

Although they seem simple, they’re difficult to master. When you hire someone to do it, you can always count on an immediate response to any issue you may have.

If your company is serious about its digital marketing goals and ambitions, you should probably think about hiring a firm or agency to revamp your website and build it from scratch.

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