B2B marketing plan

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a B2B Marketing Plan

Business to business companies, just like those that sell to consumers, benefit from following a digital marketing plan. A B2B marketing plan delivers on a strategy to increase visitors, leads and customers. It helps build valuable business relationships with long-term customers.

A B2B marketing strategy develops, executes and delivers content to create, build and grow a B2B company’s customer base. Its goal is to increase sales through influencing the buying behavior of potential customers.

Who Can B2B Marketing Attract?

  • Companies in need of services or products
  • Government agencies
  • Institutions like hospitals and schools
  • Wholesalers who resell goods to consumers

The Benefits of a B2B Marketing Plan

Marketing, and more specifically content marketing, is a nearly universal practice among B2B companies. According to a recent study, 91 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing. One big reason is that content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than traditional marketing. Another reason is that content marketing generates approximately three times more leads than traditional marketing.

Here’s why:

1.      Increases Attentionb2b marketing plan

If you are a B2B company without a marketing strategy today, your company may not be reaching its full potential.

A B2B marketing plan raises your organizations profile by placing your message in front of a greater number of potential customers. By delivering content through social media marketing or email marketing, other businesses gain awareness of your brand. This content attracts other businesses that could develop into customers down the line.

2.      Boosts Brand Engagement

Brand engagement stems from a B2B marketing strategy that focuses on attracting and delighting businesses. Engagement could include comments on blogs or likes on Facebook. An engaged community can become a loyal group of supporters for your business. Your business can later convert sales from this pool of interested consumers.

3.      Attracts More Leads

B2B companies also use high-quality marketing content to attract leads. Search engine optimization is another effective method for developing new leads. This strategy, which includes keywords, attracts potential customers in the latter stages of the buyer’s journey. Optimized calls-to-action and landing pages then convert visitors into leads.

4.      Increases Sales Opportunities

While salespeople typically work five days a week, a digital B2B marketing plan never takes a break. Once its digital components are in place, calls-to-action and landing pages deliver new leads 24/7. In addition, it saves your sales team valuable time by bringing them qualified prospects.

5.      Tracks Success

With software like HubSpot, your entire B2B marketing plan is automated and documented to help calculate your return on investment. Analytics are used to track traffic to your website, social channels and landing pages. These metrics display what parts are working and what parts need improvement, helping to enhance your next campaign.

b2b marketing plan

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