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Why your Marketing Budget should include Bing Ads

If you are planning to launch an online advertising campaign, excluding one-third of consumers probably wouldn’t be one of your goals. But’s that’s what happens to marketers who choose not to use Bings Ads in combination with Google AdWords.

Your Ads Will Get Seen More Often

Google AdWords may be the industry standard for pay-per-click advertising, but it doesn’t offer blanket coverage.

In January 2016, Microsoft’s Bing search engine received 167 million unique searches nationally. These queries accounted for a 31 percent share of search engine traffic in the United States. A segment too large for any marketer to ignore.

The Bing network reaches both global and local audiences, because it is included in popular services, including Amazon Kindle, Apple’s Siri and PC operating systems. Bing Ads are also now available for IOS and Android powered mobile devices.

Data Tools help you Plan Better

Bing has many planning tools that make a marketer’s life much easier.

  • Trending queries can be used to inform keyword strategy.
  • Research-based ad scheduling is more cost-effective.
  • Click-through trends help plan ad targeting on mobile devices.
  • Location targeting helps you find relevant customers.

bing ads

More Flexible Ad Spending

Bing Ads gives marketers the additional option of setting daily budget limits, not just monthly ones. But, be aware that Bing has different minimums for budgets and bids.

Options include:

Bing Ads are Easy to Use

The Bing network is also very user-friendly. Google AdWords campaigns can be easily imported into Bing.

The Bing editor’s desktop application helps to create and manage a search campaign. Its accompanying app allows marketers to monitor their campaigns at any time, from any location.

Microsoft Offers the Personal Touch

Marketers often have questions that can’t be answered just by watching an online tutorial. The Bing Network offers support to its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bing users can reach a human being who will answer their questions quickly via live chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Microsoft also offers a free Bing Ads coach.

Even with all these features, Bing advertising will likely continue to play second fiddle to Google’s AdWords, but it is a nice companion piece for marketers’ online advertising suite.
bing ads

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