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Why Taking Risks in Brand Messaging is a Good Bet

It isn’t always better to be safe than sorry when creating brand messaging. Every day businesses attract positive attention to themselves by taking chances. If your social media interaction has fallen flat, edgier content could be the answer to your woes. 

Edgy Brand Messaging Sets Your Business Apart

Today, consumers are flooded with brand messaging. Unfortunately, much of it goes in one ear and out the other. As a result, businesses must work harder to create a memorable impression.

This doesn’t necessarily mean producing more content. Instead, the idea is to alter messaging strategies to include more adventurous content. For example, many companies create their own hashtags that relate to their brand’s image.

Creative #Hashtags Catch Attention

The New York Lizards posted a series of hashtags on Facebook and Twitter taunting other Major League Lacrosse opponents this season. #BreakTheMachine and #NoFlyZone stood out amid typically sedate league content.

Although you might not expect your favorite team to publicly tease their opponents, this inventive strategy increased engagement on the Lizards’ social media accounts. It made a splash by being provocative enough to prompt a response from fans.

How to Roll the Dice and Win

brand messaging

Brands often take risks in content marketing by putting a new spin on a traditional idea.

Instead of yet another “happy Friday” post on Facebook, why not create a funny Friday meme? If you think outside the box in content creation, you have a greater chance of receiving a response from your audience.

Hop on a Trend Today

Another popular social media marketing strategy is to piggyback on trending topics. Big and small brands have jumped on the bandwagon of posting about obscure holidays, such as #NationalDogDay.

The challenge, however, is selecting “holidays” that tie-in with what your business is all about. A post about #NationalWaffleDay might not work for a car dealership, but it would be perfect for an eatery.

Personas Show You the Way

Knowing what content will resonate with your target audience is a skill that can be learned. Brands who have successful social media accounts take calculated risks that are informed by extensive research and data.

Buyer personas, the basis of every inbound marketing content strategy, are a tool that helps with understanding potential customers’ motivations and interests. These fictional representations of ideal customers give you the ability to infer what trending topics would be of most interest to your target audience.

Then, taking a risk with brand messaging becomes more of a strategic play than a roll of the dice.

brand messaging

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