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The Top Marketing Books for the Aspiring Industry Insider

Surprisingly, not everything in marketing and advertising can be ascertained over the internet. Sometimes, digital marketers must stray from the digital world and embrace the printed word. In fact, there are still some brilliant minds writing marketing books packed with informative advice and tidbits.

3 Marketing Books to Look Out for

Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future – and What to Do About It

By Tien Tzuo

Whether you like it or not, the subscription model is having a moment. No one knows that more than the founder and CEO of cloud-based software giant Zuora, Tien Tzuo. His book, Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future – and What to Do About It, explores this precise movement.

In this marketing book, Tzuo uses his own company’s experiences to show how businesses can ultimately turn customers into subscribers who make repeat purchases. If you’re interested in confronting the subscription model boom face on, you better pick up a copy of Subscribed.

Marketing Books

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader

By Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise

Everyone wants to become a leader of marketing but no one knows how. That’s where The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader by Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise comes into play.

This spanning collection of advice for marketers is based on the largest ever global study of executive assessments, using over 68,000 entries. From building a customer base and brand value to mobilizing your team and finding success, this book has it all.

Best of all, this marketing book presents a way to further your industry knowledge without breaking the bank with an expensive class or certification. Not to mention, it’s accessible for everyone, from students to CMOs.

Marketing Books

Capturing Loyalty

By John Larson and Bennett McClellan

Capturing Loyalty by John Larson and Bennett McClellan is a how-to-guide for turning satisfied customers into highly satisfied customers.

Not only that, but they explain how this shift affects loyalty and your business’s bottom line. Using dozens of success stories and countless hours of research, these two marketing pioneers show that you shouldn’t ignore old customers.

Their sprawling guide explains exactly how to increase your profits by selling more to already satisfied customers. Basically, if you’re looking to create a business environment focused on customer loyalty, this should be your bible.

Marketing Books

If you’re looking for a marketing book that contains new industry insights, pick up one of these three gems.

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