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The Rule of 7 in the Digital Age

No company turns every person into a visitor on their first interaction. The Rule of 7, which argues that prospects should hear or see an advertiser’s or marketer’s message seven times a day, has been around for decades. However, it’s not outdated.

5 Ways to Abide by the Rule of 7

1. Digital Advertising

Paid digital advertisements are by far the best way to reach prospects multiple times per day. The following methods are some of our favorites:

  • Social media. Just about everyone checks social media on a daily basis, usually several times a day. Social media ads target users based on subjects they’re interested in, and can be triggered several times per day.
  • Google Ads. Known as “AdWords” until recently, Google Ads reach customers based on their interests, location, keywords searched and much more across search engines and a wide range of websites.
  • There are several methods of remarketing available that allow you to serve ads to people who have previously visited your website.

The wide range of mediums on which paid digital ads can be served is perfect for following the Rule of 7.

rule of 7 digital advertising

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is ideal for nurturing leads into customers, and current customers into repeat buyers. Depending on your industry, it may be helpful to send daily, weekly or monthly emails that contain helpful content and promotional offers.

Segmenting your contact lists into groups based on common characteristics makes email marketing a much more meaningful interaction.

3. Social Media Posts

Different from social media advertising, organic, unpaid social media posts serve as another great way to interact with potential customers several times a day.

On most social networks, there’s nothing wrong with posting several times a day to reach your audience at different hours. As long as you have something useful or interesting to say, go ahead and post. This brings us to our next point.

4. Content Marketing

Content is what fuels the rest of your marketing strategy. Blogs, graphics, video and photos serve as the substance of your social media posts, emails and advertisements.

Businesses who don’t invest time into content creation often end up having a marketing strategy made up entirely of sales pitches. Nobody wants to be told “Buy this product!” seven times a day. Instead , show them why your business is different with entertaining, helpful and educational content.

rule of 7 content marketing

5. Website Design

Well-designed, properly-optimized websites appear higher in Google results. This is a great chance to engage with a potential customer while they’re actively searching for something related to your industry.

Is the Rule of 7 an Iron Law?

Of course not. Some people may become customers on the first interaction with your brand. Others might not become customers until the 50th.

Think of the Rule of 7 more like a daily marketing goal rather than something to which you must adhere at all times.
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