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Target Marketing: A Savvy Strategy to Reach Qualified Prospects

From social media to blogging to email blasts, content marketing is most effective when it is aimed at a specific target audience. Although this strategy may appear to limit the potential audience, target marketing typically creates stronger results and a higher return on investment.

What Exactly is Target Marketing?

Target marketing is a savvy promotional strategy that narrows potential customers down into segments, and then concentrates on a smaller number of key segments of consumers, whose needs and desires are a good match for the products or services being sold.

How it Could Benefit your Company

One of the big advantages of inbound marketing is the opportunity it provides your business or organization to reach potential customers who are already looking for the types of products or services you are promoting. Through targeting and segmentation, quality content can help you achieve several key business goals:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase sales
  • Retain customers

Target marketing helps you reach the right customers.

3 Typical Types of Target Marketing

1)      Demographic Segmentation

The first common type of target marketing is demographic segmentation. It groups potential customers based on personal characteristics, including gender, age and income level. Once a specific group of customers is identified, you can then create content that appeals directly to your target audience’s pain points.

2)      Geographic Segmentation

For small businesses, geographic segmentation is a top priority, because a majority of their customers tend to come from the surrounding areas. For example, an accounting firm that takes pride in the personal service it provides may have better success reaching potential customers with a contact list that was segmented according to neighborhood or ZIP code.

3)      Socioeconomic/Lifestyle Segmentation

Another popular segmentation option is created through an analysis of the socioeconomic and lifestyle factors of a group of people. It is a less-scientific type of segmentation based on values, beliefs and interests. This advanced marketing tactic is commonly used in social media marketing. For example, Facebook allows it advertisers to target users based on interests.

Get Started with Inbound Marketing

Does target marketing sounds like it might be able to help your company achieve its business goals? It’s easy to get started. If you have a general understanding of your audience (or even if you don’t), Fat Guy Media can create targeted marketing campaigns that will deliver real world results.

Contact us today to learn more.

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