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How an Email Blast can Elevate your Marketing Plan

Businesses of all sizes, from every industry, primarily rely on email marketing to assist in reaching out to prospects, attracting leads and turning those same leads into customers. However, perfecting this technique of communicating with prospects and clients isn’t something that you can just pick up on the fly. First, you must learn how to craft a high-performing email blast to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground.

How to Successfully Create and Execute an Email Blast

List Segmentation

Before you even begin putting your first email blast together, you must decide who exactly you are sending it to. Now, that might sound like an obvious step in the process, but businesses ignore email recipients way more than you’d think.

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Instead of sending a specific email to a certain, targeted group of recipients, businesses will send a mass message out to everyone on its contact list, including prospects, leads and clients.

However, the content of that email blast may have little to no relevance for some of the recipients. That will result in a low engagement, click-through and conversion rate.

Creating Lists

If you receive the majority of your contacts through website forms, try using that data to determine who to send certain emails to and then create lists. Spend some time putting together groups of contacts with similar traits and identities to make sure that your content is always in the hands of those that can actually benefit from it.

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Visual Appearance

It’s important that your emails are visually appealing enough to interest and delight recipients. First, incorporate your company’s logo, colors and typefaces to ensure uniformity throughout your content and further establish branding amongst your audience.

Also, make sure that your email has a simple layout that works on all devices so that your content can be easily read and digested. Include social sharing buttons, website links and any other promotional material that you believe to be relevant in your email.

A/B Testing

If you aren’t sure how to ultimately choose which layout and design is right for you, consider conducting A/B testing. This is where you create multiple versions of the same content, in this case emails, and test them against one another within a sample audience.

This method will ensure that you always choose the content design and layout that will perform best with your target audience. It also works with subject lines, too!

email blast


Speaking of subject lines, try personalizing them. Personalization for email is the act of inserting the recipient’s name and any other relevant information that applies to them into the subject line and content body.

Most businesses have found that recipients are far more likely to open a piece of content that addresses them directly. Just try not to be overly personal and include information that might be considered sensitive, as that may turn the recipient off completely.

If you decide that email marketing is right for you, make sure that all of your messages are crafted with these elements in mind.

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