Email Distribution Lists

How Email Distribution Lists Enhance Marketing Campaigns

If your company doesn’t use distribution lists for email marketing, what are you waiting for? Believe it or not, email marketing consists of a lot more than just sending out a blast or two every few weeks. Instead, it’s about controlling your message and delivering it to a targeted audience that will positively affect your bottom line. That’s where email distribution lists come into play.

The Importance of Email Distribution Lists

A Concentrated Audience

Sometimes, when using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for social media marketing, it can feel like shouting into the wind. Since there are so many brands to compete with, it’s difficult to get your message heard. Not to mention, if these sites ever change the way brands post or message, you could be doomed.

Therefore, use an email distribution list so that you can communicate with an interested audience on your own terms. Since they have already expressed interest in your brand, you can comfortably assume that your event invites, sales notifications and new product alerts will be received well.

Furthermore, since you know these messages are being delivered straight to users’ inboxes, you can rest easy knowing your message is successfully reaching your target audience. When you just use social media for these updates, things are a little less clear.

Email Distribution Lists

The Analytics Advantage

Many business owners don’t know this but email distribution lists also come with a bunch of useful analytics. Therefore, instead of throwing content against the wall hoping that something sticks, you will be able to see how users interact with your emails.

You can ascertain who they are, what problems they face and how you can address those problems head-on. These insights will provide you with the opportunity to craft content with the sole purpose of assisting your audience.

Open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribes will also help determine the correct ways to write and format emails.

Email Distribution Lists

Improved Trust

In general, email lists are created by users opting in through website forms in exchange for a valuable piece of content.

Since some people receive hundreds of emails a day, it’s important to seek their approval. It’s much more preferable than sketchy companies spamming their inbox every day until they’re eventually blocked. Email distribution lists hinge on users trusting companies by providing their own information.

Potential customers appreciate that you can hold up your end of the bargain by exchanging content for data. Not only that, but users will appreciate how you do not overuse or expose their data. If done correctly, this will forge a greater sense of trust and confidence that a user has in your brand.

Email Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists are one of the best ways to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

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