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4 Simple Email Newsletter Design Tips that Work Wonders

Email blasts help businesses reach audiences, while also nurturing leads and delighting existing customers. Even during a pandemic, many companies are using them to inform and update users and customers alike. However, email newsletter design isn’t common knowledge. Luckily, we have some simple email newsletter design tips from a team that knows all about email marketing.

Email Newsletter Design Tips from the Marketing Professionals

Using Heading and Sub-Headings

Just like any good magazine or website, email newsletters need headings. When you use headings and even sub-headings, you relay the subject of your content. Headings basically guide and inform readers, while also breaking up the content for easy digestion.

Therefore, when it comes to email newsletter design, headings and sub-headings are almost always needed. Sometimes, they can even help boost conversions if used correctly.

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Rely on Images

A properly-optimized email balances text with images. Think about when a user first opens an email. A good, clean image can help capture their attention.

By pulling in readers with engaging images and photos, you may enhance the effectiveness of your email newsletter design. That’s only if the images correspond to the general context of the email. Otherwise, they could confuse readers and take away from the message at large.

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Take Color Cues from your Logo

When it comes to color accents in your email newsletter design, it helps to take inspiration from your logo. Most businesses have a logo and set color scheme for their brand. Therefore, why not keep it consistent?

When companies recycle the same colors, they further establish and ingrain their brand image into the minds of their audience. After all, that is one of the primary goals of marketing, especially email marketing.

Email connecting to an audience

Make it Accessible

Recently, there’s been a long overdue focus on accessibility in the world of web design and digital marketing. Since websites and companies need to be inclusive for all users and customers, it’s important that your emails are too.

From descriptive subject lines and headers to color contrast and alt tagging, there are a lot of ways to achieve accessible email newsletter design. When you follow these guidelines, you will ensure that your content, and by extension your business, is open to everyone.

Solid email newsletter design is a straightforward way to bolster your campaign. And when you do decide to take the next step in email marketing, Fat Guy Media is here to help guide you along the way.

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