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‘Should I Be Looking into Snapchat Marketing?’

Absolutely! While Snapchat is not the biggest social media channel to emerge, it can still be used as a successful social media marketing campaign. Big and small businesses have taken to the social platform and are posting everything from teasers to coupons. Snapchat marketing may not seem like the right fit for your company, but there’s plenty of ways to get creative with it and attract your target audience.

What is Snapchat?

For those who don’t use the app, Snapchat allows users to send pictures and videos to one another in real time. These pictures are called “snaps” and can only be seen for up to 10 seconds. There is also what’s called “my story” that lets users post videos and pictures for all friends and followers to see unlimitedly for 24 hours. After the 24 hours the pictures and videos on the “my story” disappear. So when it comes to your company’s Snapchat marketing, you want to make sure your already established target audience uses, or will be open to using, Snapchat. It is also an opportunity to create even more target audiences. HubSpot has the insight on just who uses Snapchat and how to use it:

  • 26 million in the U.S. use Snapchat
  • 70% of Snapchat users are women
  • 77% of college students use Snapchat on a daily basis
  • And 58% are more likely to buy a company’s service or product if a coupon was sent via Snapchat

A lot of younger audiences use the app, but it is not limited to them. Branching out to Snapchat can intrigue your target audience to take advantage of the offers on it. Appealing to a younger audience will build stronger relationships, thus turning those users into evangelists, even if they don’t necessarily buy your products or services. Like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, snaps should be fun and inviting, while at the same time, educational.

How to Utilize Snapchat Marketing

What has made companies successful with Snapchat are their creative and unique ways of marketing tactics. Thinking out of the box is essential in the Internet era, especially when it comes to impressing younger target audiences. Here’s a few ways to get your company started:

  1. Go behind the scenes

Is there something going on in the office or store? Snapchat it to grab the attention of your followers. Send out teasers of something you’re launching to keep the interest of followers. Allowing users to see what goes on in the office and put faces to the company builds a trusting relationship between your company and Snapchat users. When it comes to social media marketing, humanization is key.

  1. Coupon based promotions

Sending offers, discounts and coupons via Snapchat is a great way to get instant feedback. Since a “my story” only lasts 24 hours, host flash sales for Snapchat followers only. Or take the success of a New England frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles. They requested for users to participate by sending pictures to their Snapchat account at one of the stores. In return they received a snap of a coupon. However, since a snap only lasts 10 seconds, they could not open it until they bought a frozen yogurt, revealing a surprise percentage off.

  1. Make users feel like VIPs

Send out real-time pictures and videos that provide exclusive information for your followers. This works great for events. Offer giveaways for followers or keep them updated on what’s going on during the event. Giving your followers a chance to feel like a VIP builds trust. While Snapchat does not have a way to track ROI, it’s a great platform for your company to experiment with. Determine whether Snapchat is right for your target audience and company then start thinking out of the box to come up with great material. Snapchat marketing is expanding, so make sure your company is a front runner on this platform.

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