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How the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Picks the Posts You See

At first glance, Facebook’s endless stream of content appears to be completely random and entirely disjointed. A cute photo of an old friend’s baby is followed by ads for Nike sneakers followed by a breaking news article from the Daily Mail. But there is a method to this social media madness. Through a system of complex data analysis, the Facebook News Feed algorithm makes snap judgments of what it thinks you would like to see at any given moment. Take an inside look at how Facebook uses advanced automation to curate content.

What is Facebook’s Content Algorithm?

The Facebook News Feed algorithm is a digital tool that selects and orders content in real-time. It uses multiple layers of machine learning models and rankings to predict (or at least attempt to) which posts will be the most valuable and meaningful to you.

How it Works

Essentially, Facebook is on a mission to personalize the world’s social media experience through informed predictions about online behavior. To achieve this goal for more than two billion of its users, Facebook created a multi-step content ranking process.

On Facebook, what you see today is heavily based on what you did yesterday.

Through the development of an advanced algorithm, Facebook aims to enhance its users’ experience by evaluating every post, scoring it, and then arranging them in the order of projected interest level. The predictions made are based on factors, like what and whom you have followed, what posts or images you have liked, or what content you have interacted with recently.

Learn about the Facebook News Feed algorithm

The Facebook Algorithm’s Ranking Signals

The Facebook News Feed algorithm ranking system considers four specific parts of your online interactions before choosing the post you will see.

1)      Relationship

The algorithm prioritizes posts from people, businesses, news sources and public figures with whom you have frequently interacted.

2)      Type of Content

Another major factor used in Facebook content ranking is the type of media, such as photos, videos or shared links, that you have frequently interacted with during past sessions.

3)      Popularity

Other people’s likes and shares also influence what you will see on Facebook. The more interaction a piece of content receives, the higher it is likely to rank in your newsfeed.

4)      Recency

The final factor weighed in the algorithm is perhaps its simplest. Newer posts receive priority over older ones.

Find out how to outsmart the Facebook News Feed algorithm

Outsmarting the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

1)      Encourage Interaction

Facebook is an online community that thrives on interaction. If your brand is new to the platform, you might have to get the ball rolling yourself. Try asking your audience questions or hold a simple contest that encourages the participation of your followers.

2)      Post at the Right Times

To rise to the top of your target audience’s news feed, you must publish your social content at those times when they are most likely to be online. This social media strategy will give your posts the best chance of getting seen.

3)      Experiment with Different Content Types

Facebook is a popular spot for social media marketing because it gives brands the flexibility to publish all sorts of content. Depending on your business goals, you can use the platform to post everything from blogs to memes to live videos. Being creative with these various content types will help your increase your level of interaction on Facebook.

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