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How your Business can take Advantage of Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a convenient tool that helps your business learn about its performance on this essential social media marketing platform. It’s available to any company looking to analyze how well their target audience is interacting with their visual content. Whether you are an Instagram novice or a long-time user, Insights’ analysis is an invaluable resource for hard data on your campaigns.

How to get Started with Instagram Insights

It’s easy to get started with Instagram Insights.

  • First, you will need a business profile (if you already have a personal account, it may be switched to a business one fairly easily).
  • Next, install Insights.
  • You can then view Insights by visiting your profile and clicking on the icon that looks like a bar chart.

instagram insights

A Quick Guide to Instagram’s Analytics

Instagram’s analytics feature allows you to see many useful statistics that provide insight into the performance of your campaigns. Each metric tells you different pieces of your overall performance, such as impressions or link clicks. Together, they provide a means for you to review and revise your future campaigns.

10 Important Instagram Terms

  • Impressions: the total number of views of your content.
  • Reach: the number of unique Instagram users who viewed your posts or stories.
  • Profile Views: the number of unique Instagram accounts who visited your profile page.
  • Link Clicks: the number of clicks to the link in the description on your profile page.
  • Followers: how many followers your business account gained or lost over a period of time.
  • Likes: the total number of users who clicked “like” on your posts.
  • Comments: the number of individual comments left on your content.
  • Saves: how many Instagram users have saved your posts to view later.
  • Actions: the number of actions taken after viewing your content, including visiting your profile, clicking your link or following your business page.
  • Discovery: where and how many times your post was seen or discovered, including those Instagrammers who weren’t already following you.

instagram insights

How it Works

The Instagram Insights’ interface is broken up into three tabs: Activity, Content and Audience.

  • The Activity tab shows you the user actions taken according to specific date ranges. If you scroll down, you can learn more about reach and impressions in the discovery section of this tab.
  • The Content tab displays statistics about how your posts, stories and promotions are performing. If you click on “See More,” you will find information about how well your content was received by your audience.
  • The Audience tab gives you a quick overview of the demographics of your Instagram account. First, you will see the change in followers over the last seven days. Then, you will see a detailed breakdown of your followers’ gender, age range, location and more.

As you can see, Instagram Insights is a simple yet powerful tool that can help any business owner enhance their social media promotion.

instagram insights

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