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The Greatest Super Bowl Social Media Moments of All-Time

When it comes to the Super Bowl, besides the game itself, most people are interested in commercials and viral moments. In fact, last year alone, the Super Bowl generated $385 million in ad revenue. However, since a 30-second spot can cost up to $5 million, some brands have decided to use social media for their game-day advertising. To help you get ready for the big game, here are some of the best, most viral Super Bowl social media moments.

Fat Guy Media’s Favorite Super Bowl Social Media Moments

Oreo Shines a Light

Believe it or not, one of the most viral Super Bowl social media moments went unplanned. During Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, the power went out in the Superdome. However, in a time of darkness, Oreo was able to shine a light.

During the lengthy blackout, Oreo seized upon the lull in action with a simple, perfectly-executed tweet:

In just one hour, users retweeted the message over 10,000 times. Ironically enough, in a night of many viral moments, Oreo’s tweet that was put together in mere minutes did more for the brand than their multi-million dollar commercial.

California Avocados gets Cooking

According to California Avocados, there aren’t many foods or beverages that you can’t pair with their product. During Super Bowl 50, every time an ad aired for a certain food or beverage, the brand would post a video to Twitter showing how it could pair with avocados.

These fun Super Bowl social media ads showed how you can mix avocados with everything from Doritos and Skittles to Coca-Cola and Budweiser. Here’s one of the stranger ones that shows how to combine avocados and, you guessed it, Snickers:

Chef and food stylist Cassandre Baileau headlined these catchy, fast-paced recipe videos that highlight the incredible versatility of avocados.

Volvo Makes a Play

Although Volvo didn’t broadcast a commercial during Super Bowl XLIX, their competitors did—so the Swedish automaker decided to take advantage. Using a promo called “The Greatest Interception Ever,” Volvo asked fans to tweet #VolvoContest and nominate someone to win a Volvo XC60 luxury crossover.

The only catch? Users had to tweet during other car companies’ commercials. By intercepting their competitors’ hype, Volvo was able to focus on real people instead of a grand marketing message. The contest ended with lots of Super Bowl social media engagement, as well as five different winners.

Sometimes, Super Bowl social media campaigns, like these three examples, can be more valuable than a multi-million dollar commercial.

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