Grow Your Customer Base with Brand Positioning

When someone mentions McDonald’s, the image of a Big Mac may immediately pop into your mind. As a result of brand positioning, the core images and messages of the world’s most valuable brands break through the competitive clutter to win customers. Branding, however, is not just for corporate giants. At Fat Guy Media, we can transform your company into an identifiable brand in your industry or neighborhood.

What is branding?

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as, “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” Three examples of the world’s most valuable brands are Apple, Pepsi and McDonald’s. Identifiable brands are created over time through the advertising process of branding. Entrepreneur Magazine defines branding as, “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” The goal of branding is to differentiate the product or company in the marketplace to attract and retain loyal customers. brand positioning

How Brand Positioning Can Attract and Retain Customers

Major companies invest heavily in branding today, because it offers a competitive edge. Successful companies use brand positioning to differentiate themselves from their competitors. An effective branding campaign informs potential customers about what to expect from your products and services. Brand positioning can create an image in a customer’s mind. It gives customers an idea of what to expect from your company, product or service. By differentiating your brand from the competition, your company can gain new customers and earn repeat business. With a combination of inbound marketing strategies, branding can create consistency through every aspect of your company’s Internet presence. Consistency is key to developing brand recognition because the more frequently people see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it.

“Anybody can start a company, but a brand can’t be started overnight. Branding is when you turn a business or a project into a living, breathing thing; something that provokes feeling,” said Johnny Earle, the CEO and founder of Johnny Cupcakes, an experience-based, retro bakery-themed national T-shirt shop.

The Fat Guy Media Branding Approach

Fat Guy Media’s branding approach begins an assessment with a few simple questions:

  • What is the mission of your company?
  • What are the primary benefits and features of your products or services?
  • What is the current perception of your company among your customers?
  • When thinking about your brand, what qualities would you like your customers to associate with your company?

At Fat Guy Media, our brand positioning process is anchored on a unique logo that stands out amidst the competition. Our web design team will work hand-in-hand with your company to create a logo that is pleasing to the eye. To effectively position your brand, Fat Guy Media will determine your company’s key brand messages. These key brand messages will promote the attributes of your company. When Fat Guy Media’s brands a new client’s company, we create a voice for that company which can be integrated into all aspects of its communication. Our process includes the creation of a memorable tagline that succinctly captures the essence of a brand. We can also create design templates and brand standards for all your company’s marketing materials. Fat Guy Media’s branding package can help your business stand out in today’s competitive marketplace with a unique brand message that customers will remember again and again.

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