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Simple Methods for Improving your Event Marketing Campaign

One of the most effective ways for companies to increase exposure and get there name out there is through hosting events. For any up-and-coming business, throwing an industry-relevant event is so important. Once the event is set, the next thing you need to do is make sure that it’s well-attended. Here are some expert event marketing tips to make sure your next company happening is a rousing affair.

Event Marketing Best Practices

The Event Homepage

The first step of any event planning effort is to construct a comprehensive, detailed webpage or website that accurately relays any necessary information about the event. You will need to include a brief, captivating description, outlining the purpose and function of your event (of course, date, time and location, too!).

event marketing

Also, add relevant photos or videos. Make sure people know what they’ll get out of attending your event. The last thing your page or website needs is an RSVP link (or instructions on how to do so).

Email Marketing

Once you have your event set and its corresponding website (or page) in place, the next step is to create some buzz around the event through email marketing. If your company has a list of leads, utilize it to spread the word, since they may be interested in attending and can help spread the word.

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Try to include relevant videos or media that pertains to your event. Speaker videos are always a good option. Also, enable social sharing for your emails. And lastly, start sending emails a reasonable time away from the event and periodically send reminders up until the day of.

Social Media Utilization

Social media might be your most productive outlet for event marketing. You will be able to use all of your companies’ social media channels (and maybe a few others’) to drum up interest.

Start by creating a relevant, catchy hashtag that you can stamp your tweets with and hopefully get others to use. Then, post away! The point is to create as much awareness and excitement as possible. Some possible posts may include:

  • Countdowns
  • Registration deadline reminders
  • Sponsor thank you’s
  • Links to speakers’ (or special guests’) social media accounts
  • Interaction with attendees
  • Key event particulars

Spread your posts throughout your many social media platforms, since you likely have different audiences on each.

event marketing

Leveraging the Event

When it comes time for the event to actually happen, your work shouldn’t stop there. Instead, stay busy during it so you can get some content to use for your next event’s marketing strategy.

For instance, tweet quotes and pictures of attendees throughout the night. People will interact with them on social media and increase your brand recognition.

Also, be sure to encourage the attendees themselves to be active on social media during the event. Encourage use of a certain hashtag or participation in a contest. This also has the added benefit of making the event interactive.

If you follow these event marketing tips for your next big company get together, your event will be off to a promising start.

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