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5 Reasons to Consider a Business Rebranding Strategy

Is your company having a tough time getting noticed in a crowded marketplace? Are you losing out on big business opportunities as a result? Maybe the problem is your branding, not your products or services. A rebranding strategy can reinvent your image in a way that appeals best to your ideal customers.

What is Rebranding?

Branding is a marketing term that is used to describe the overall design and promotion of a business and its products and services. Rebranding is a reinvention of a company’s image. This process may include a new logo, website, tagline or other marketing materials.

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The Benefits of Creating a Rebranding Strategy

1)      Gives your Company a Fresh Look

Your website, logo and tagline are the first impression you give to the world. However, these promotional elements tend to get outdated quickly.

What looked good 10 years ago, may look unprofessional today.

A rebranding strategy, which includes a sharp-looking website, will bring your company’s online presence into the 21st Century.

2)      Differentiates your Company from Competitors

Unfortunately, too many businesses today have generic branding that does not allow potential customers to easily remember who they are.

If you haven’t updated your branding lately, it may be hurting more than it’s helping.

To really be effective, branding needs to set your company apart from its competitors. For example, the world’s most valuable brands, like Google, Amazon and Walmart, have a branding strategy that is uniquely their own.

A digital billboard with brand logos.

3)      Reflect your Changing Business

Your business is constantly changing and evolving. But, has your branding kept pace? Too many companies today have websites that do not reflect their current products or services.

If your website is giving visitors a false impression of what you do, it could be hurting your overall sales. Accurate branding will help you attract more qualified leads.

4)      Focuses your Message

Even if your company hasn’t reinvented the wheel, your marketing messaging might still benefit from an update.

Older business websites often do not explain a company’s products or services in a way that can be easily read and remembered. A rebranding strategy typically includes a reworking of a company’s messaging, which helps the organization appeal directly to its target audience.

A marketing professional sketches out a rebranding strategy

5)      Connect with a New Audience

A rebranding can also be a promotional opportunity. With new colors and design elements, you can use your website as a starting point to introduce your brand to more potential customers.

For example, if you already do social media marketing, your new logo or website might make a splash on Facebook or LinkedIn. Your fresh look could then help you attract new customers or even rekindle the interest of former clients.

If you believe your company is being held back by outdated branding, consider how these five benefits of a rebranding strategy could make a difference in your business.

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