Mother’s Day Commercials

3 Mother’s Day Commercials and Campaigns that Honor Moms

Just like every other holiday or special occasion, Mother’s Day is sure to bring about plenty of commercials and marketing campaigns. Most of the time, the advertisements focus on appealing to two main groups: women and moms. However, everyone enjoys Mother’s day commercials and campaigns, so here are a few of our favorites.

Fat Guy Media’s Favorite Mother’s Day Commercials

KFC gets Steamy

KFC’s famous Colonel Sanders campaign decided to take a different route for their 2019 Mother’s Day commercials. Their “Chickendales” spot features several scantily clad, muscular male dancers who parade around as various KFC menu items, doing choreographed routines and praising mothers for their hard work.

This suggestive, tongue-in-cheek campaign also includes a website where you can send personalized “Chickendales” videos to your own mother. That is if you think she would enjoy videos of sweaty, half-naked exotic dancers dressed as fried chicken.

However, this isn’t the first time the global fast food chain has tried to get viewers all hot and bothered. Last year, they published a “Tender Wings of Desire” romance novel featuring a ripped Colonel Sanders.

Google Thanks Moms

This year, Google took the time to thank mothers for all that they do. Their 2019 Mother’s Day commercials show kids shouting “Hey Mom” in the same way they would say “Hey Google” to a Google Home device.

From bandaging cuts to answering all of life’s inquiries, the ad shows that moms do it all. The commercial closes with a mom asking Google Home to call her mother after seeing a photo of them together.

The ad then displays the words, “Give your original helper a little help of her own.” The idea is that, since mom was always there for assistance throughout the years, you should give her something that will help make her life easier.

Carhartt Highlights Mothers

American apparel company Carhartt knows that mothers are some of the strongest women in our lives. Therefore, they decided to showcase these amazing, hardworking women in their 2017 Mother’s Day commercials.

In “All Hail the Carhartt Woman,” the ad shows moms doing all kinds of activities, from working on fighter jets and changing tires to chopping down trees and herding cattle. However, the entire advertisement is broken up by clips of the same women doing what they do best, being a mother to their children.

Since Carhartt has been making workwear for women since the 1940s, they decided to take a page out of Rosie the Riveter’s book by showing how these women can build and do anything. That’s the real message of their ode to moms everywhere.

Mother’s Day commercials like these are always a nice addition to the holiday, so keep your eye out for new ones this year!

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