Black Friday Marketing Campaign

How to Plan a Black Friday Marketing Campaign from Scratch

Believe it or not, the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is on the horizon. Besides providing discounts and sales to millions of consumers nationwide, this day also helps retailers increase their yearly profits. However, to be successful, you need a Black Friday marketing campaign to spread awareness about your company’s deals. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Professional Black Friday Marketing Campaign Tips

Email, then Email Again

Just because it’s the holiday season, that doesn’t mean your email marketing campaigns should fall by the wayside. Alternatively, emails are a tremendous tool to get your Black Friday marketing campaign off the ground. For the most part, they help alert your audience to upcoming deals and offers.

However, the hard part is standing out from the crowd of similar competitors. In order to grab people’s attention, keep things simple and include photos or graphics.

You can also offer a free gift or discount that is exclusive to email recipients. To create urgency, emphasize limited inventory or that time is running out on the sale.

Black Friday Marketing Campaign

The Social Media Frenzy

During the holidays, you are bound to see countless posts and advertisements promoting various sales and promotions. However, just because there’s a little more competition, that doesn’t mean your posting should slow down.

On the contrary, post frequently about all of your company’s unique deals and offers. Furthermore, you can even put an ad budget behind them and boost them when you feel it is appropriate. Besides, with everything else happening during the holiday season, how else are people going to know what you’re doing?

Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Create a Landing Page

In order to track where your visitors are coming from, you should create a specific landing page for your Black Friday marketing campaign. This landing page can be attached to social posts, emails, advertisements and more. Ideally, utilizing persuasive language on your landing page will drive conversions, which should increase sales in turn.

Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Increasing Referrals

Another way to enhance your Black Friday marketing campaign is by instituting a customer referral program.

Many retailers don’t know this, but recommendations are one of the most trusted forms of advertising. They are also excellent producers of brand loyalty and, of course, profitability.

However, you just need to be clear about how people can refer you and what they will get out of it. You also have to determine an offer that makes it worthwhile for them to refer your company in the first place. No matter what, indicate the expiration date, if applicable. Otherwise, you could be bombarded with referrals far beyond Black Friday.

When you utilize these Black Friday marketing campaign tips, you will be on your way to holiday success. Not to mention, you can also apply every piece of this advice to Cyber Monday, too!

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