Easter Marketing Campaigns

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns that We’ll Never Forget

With just over a week left until the big day, many brands are starting to ramp up their Easter marketing campaigns. That’s because, more than eggs, candy and pastels, Easter is also characterized by fun, festive commercials and advertisements. Therefore, check out a few of our favorites from throughout the years.

The Top Easter Marketing Campaigns of All-Time


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the top Easter marketing campaigns comes from a chocolate candy company, Nestlé. In their 2018 campaign, they released a 60-second “Alice in Wonderland”-themed clip, which featured a larger-than-life woman navigating a miniature world.

However, when she returns home to her family for the holiday, she is shrunken to regular size along with the message “Life makes us grow up; Easter brings us back.” The message being that, no matter how old you are, you’re never too big to celebrate with family.

Audiences enjoyed this thoughtful piece that focused on how Easter makes people feel, rather than talking about a specific product. Typically, brands succeed more when tugging on your heart strings and not being overly pushy about selling a product.


As part of their #IfCarlsbergDid campaign, Carlsberg began using the hashtag #IfCarlsbergDidChocolateBars. This all culminated in the presence of a large box outside the Carlsberg factory in London. It was rectangular-shaped with a wrapper like a candy bar.

Right before Easter weekend, Carlsberg removed the wrapper to reveal, well, a chocolate bar, kind of. The display was actually a bar as in a pub, not candy. From barstools to glasses, everything in the interactive bar was made of chocolate except for the Carlsberg tap.

This tongue-in-cheek Easter marketing campaign was a fun stunt that caught people’s attention and raised awareness around the brand during one of their peak beer-drinking seasons.



As one of the most popular holiday candies, Cadbury uses every Easter to roll out a new yearly marketing campaign. In 2016, they released their Egg & Spoon Cadbury Egg with a family-friendly advert. Then, in 2016, they launched their “Bunny’s Been Busy” Easter marketing campaign with an animated commercial.

However, in 2017, they began their best campaign of them all, a Live Easter Egg Hunt. By partnering with Facebook, they created a virtual reality social media campaign. Using Facebook360, the brand encouraged users to search the virtual landscape for hidden eggs.

Best of all, Cadbury gave real-life chocolate to users who spotted eggs. Not only did the game extend to Cadbury’s audience, many people across Facebook participated and enjoyed themselves, raising all-around awareness for Cadbury.

When done correctly, Easter marketing campaigns are a great way to drum up some festive fun around the holiday.

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