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Podcast Marketing 101: Essential Tips for Increasing Listeners

These days, it seems like practically everyone has a podcast. From family and friends to small businesses and global corporations, everyone is getting in on the podcast game. However, the saturated market also means that it’s becoming much harder to promote and increase listeners. That’s why we compiled a list of helpful podcast marketing tips and tricks to help your production stand out.

Climb the Charts with Podcast Marketing

Don’t be Too Sales-y

When it comes to podcasts by businesses, the end goal is usually to build their brand and position themselves as an industry thought leader. Therefore, it’s a good rule of thumb to not overly promote your products or services. Besides, no one wants to listen to an extended infomercial.

Ideally, the podcast should only be by your business, not about it. Try to focus on unique subjects that you’re passionate about and talk about them from your business’ unique perspective. Overall, one of the best podcast marketing tips is to simply not promote your products or services all of the time. It’s really that simple.


Title and Description Essentials

In order to be found by the right audience, don’t take the title and description of your podcast for granted. For instance, in episode titles, try to use relevant keywords that relate to your podcast and what it’s about. Consider what one would type into a search bar when looking for a podcast like yours.

In the same accord, you can also get straight to the point with the description. Include interesting details that might entice someone to listen. The last thing you want is to lose potential listeners by ignoring important tidbits.

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Use All Directories

When it comes to potential places to listen to your podcast, the more, the better. Therefore, utilize every directory at your disposal for podcast marketing.

From Apple, Google and iHeartRadio to Spotify, TuneIn and Stitcher, there are a wide variety of places to listen to podcasts. So, if you’re looking to have yours heard by a wider audience, putting it on all possible platforms is a solid start.

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Social Media is your Friend

Believe it or not, successful podcast marketing often starts with social media marketing. Many podcasters use sites like Facebook and Twitter to post new episodes, as well as share soundbites, images, teasers and other related media.

In addition to cultivating your existing base of users, your branding may also help bring in new, more qualified audiences. And that’s the goal after all!

Boost your podcast marketing success by utilizing some of these fundamental tips and tricks!

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