Socially Responsible Marketing

How Socially Responsible Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Recently,  brands adopting social causes that align with their mission has become commonplace. From sustainability and environmentalism to homelessness and social change, the options are endless. However, some businesses are still hesitant to latch onto a cause. That’s why we decided to put together a few reasons why brands should consider socially responsible marketing.

The Benefits of Socially Responsible Marketing

Potential for New Customers

Believe it or not, socially responsible marketing opens your brand up to a much wider class of customers. When you make one cause a part of your mission, you can attract those who value the same ideals.

Not to mention, your brand’s social responsibility can even manifest palpable goodwill, trust and an overall positive impression in the eyes of your audience.

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Incentivizes Sales

Some companies will even use socially responsible marketing to drive sales. For instance, have you ever visited a store that promised to donate a percentage of its sales to charity? That’s one way it can work.

When a charity or social justice issue is tied to your brand, people will be much more likely to contribute. That’s because, not only is their money funding their purchase, it’s also helping a cause greater than themselves.

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A Competitive Edge

In the day and age of social activism, it’s becoming much more common for consumers to seek out charitable brands. In fact, a great deal of millennials and customers these days feel that businesses must use socially responsible marketing.

For that reason, it’s fairly customary for audiences to prioritize socially responsible brands over those that aren’t. After all, most brands are just looking for the smallest, simplest competitive edge over those in their industry.

A competitive edge over the industry

Attracts Top Talent

Oftentimes, the quality of employees dictates a company’s success. In that case, it’s important for brands to have something that keeps and appeals to the top talent in the industry.

With socially responsible marketing, employees and candidates will see that a brand cares about more than just their bottom line.

Socially responsible marketing helps businesses become more connected to charitable giving and the world around them. However, when used correctly, it may also attract better customers and job candidates. Essentially, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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