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The 5 Key Ingredients of a High-Performing Facebook Post

on Breaking through on social media platforms like Facebook isn’t easy. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward path to viral fame. However, while there isn’t one way to craft a successful Facebook post, there are certain practices that, if combined correctly, may bring about more followers and an increased brand awareness.

Essential Elements of a Successful Facebook Post

1.      Link Posts

Believe it or not, a link post generates twice as many clicks as photo posts that contain links. And don’t just take it from us, those figures are from Facebook itself.

In fact, link posts use meta-tags from the webpage like the page title and description. That way, these details can populate when the link appears in the News Feed. For this reason, it’s always important to pay attention to meta-data. It counts for a whole lot more than just search engine optimization!

2.      Brief Text

For the most part, people aren’t going to stop scrolling through their News Feeds to read three paragraphs of text.

Brands only have a limited amount of space (and copy) to hook a reader’s attention, so it’s best to keep it brief. Therefore, for increased engagement and interaction, use as few characters as possible on Facebook posts.

3.      Compelling Copy

Although content should always speak for itself, text is sometimes needed. While avoiding click-bait-style language, try to keep copy interesting, yet succinct. Don’t mislead the reader and always relay the content’s value.

4.      Subject Matter

Too many companies make the mistake of using every Facebook post to promote their brand, business or services. Sometimes, it’s better to just share a relevant story, advice, jokes or just contribute to a trending conversation. After all, brands need to give users a good reason to follow your page.

Instead of becoming just another advertising stream, businesses can use Facebook posts to shape their personality and identity. Otherwise, they risk entering a never-ending cycle of constant promotion to no avail.

5.      Positive Messaging

Most users respond favorably to content and messaging that touches upon their inner sense of worth and identity. By staying positive and sometimes inspirational, you can promote themes that an audience can closely identify with. Whether sharing inspiring quotes or memes, companies can create an emotional connection with an audience. This will also help a brand seem more genuine.

By combining these proven characteristics of a successful Facebook post, businesses may be able to enhance their social media presence and grow their brand exponentially.

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