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The Pros and Cons of Live Tweeting for Social Media Marketing

There’s nothing quite like Twitter during a big, important event. Everyone is out in full force, adding their own unique commentary, posting everything from opinions to memes. However, live tweeting isn’t restricted to ordinary users—brands are even getting in on the action. But, is it always the best idea? Check out some pros and cons of this popular social media practice.

The Pros of Live Tweeting

Drumming up Attention

During all of the big happenings, social media users flock to Twitter to keep up with the pulse of the event. For this reason, these instances present a prime opportunity to capture the attention of users with interesting content that contributes to the conversation at large.

Even if users are unable to watch on TV or whatever medium the event is on, they can follow along on Twitter. If your live tweeting is solid enough, you can expect a greater number of eyes on your brand.

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Expanding your Reach

Ideally, when brands contribute to events with live tweeting, social media followers will, well, follow. If your tweets convince people that you can provide useful or relevant commentary and information, they will view you as an expert in your field.

Then, when they want to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in your industry, you’ll be the first one they turn to. All of that can come from the power of live tweeting.

Increasing Engagement

Sometimes during these events, the top posts receive a high level of engagement. However, most of the engagement sometimes doesn’t even come from followers.

During big, popular events, users have a tendency to like, retweet and engage with trending tweets. In some occasions, this will even cause them to go viral. With all of this increased engagement, your brand’s profile can only skyrocket.

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The Cons of Live Tweeting

Possible Retractions

As is the case with any live event, it’s just not possible to guarantee that all related facts and figures are correct. Therefore, if you’re live tweeting something, you have to be careful about the information and content that you post.

Sometimes, if you post the wrong thing, a retraction might be necessary. Unfortunately, retractions can potentially make your brand seem less credible.

Twitter bird and a hashtag drawn on a chalkboard


Since live tweeting is often quick, mistakes are bound to happen. By racing to become the first to make a point or observation, you may overlook important details that lead to misspellings, typos and grammatically wrong sentences. Therefore, don’t be too hasty—take your time to ensure tweet quality.

Whether or not live tweeting is right for your brand is up to you, but these pros and cons should make the decision a whole lot easier.

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