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Declining Organic Social Media Reach: What to Do about It

In order to truly succeed on social media, you need more people to see your posts. However, if you’re not looking to spend big, organic reach is your best option. This refers to reach with no spending behind it. Unfortunately though, organic social media reach is on the decline. Therefore, we’ll explore the reason for its demise, as well as how to counteract the lull.

Why is Organic Social Media Reach Getting Worse?

Believe it or not, there’s not one concrete reason for the decline of organic social media reach. Instead, it’s due to a combination of factors. One of which is Facebook’s recent algorithm changes.

Algorithm Changes

In the update, Facebook decided to clean up users’ feeds by promoting more content from friends and family, rather than brands and businesses. Just last year, Mark Zuckerberg said, “[Users will] see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.” Naturally, this has cut down on the reach of some brands.

Social Media Reach

Increased Spending

On the other hand, some credit the rise of paid social media as the deciding factor. Since so many companies are paying to promote and expand the reach of their content, it’s coming at the expense of smaller publishers who don’t have the funds to compete.

Either way, there are a methods that brands can use to break the status quo and expand their organic social media reach.

Unique Ways to Expand Organic Social Media Reach

Lights, Camera, Action!

Following the rise of live broadcasting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, some brands have begun to take a new approach to their content. That’s because live videos tend to get a lot of interaction, which can lead to being seen by a larger audience.

Whether you’re shooting behind-the-scenes video, Q&As or any other relevant content, live video can improve organic reach.

Social Media Reach

Use Users

One possible reason for the decline of social media reach is disillusionment from users. When their feeds are filled with generic, branded content all day every day, it can get old quick. That’s when user-generated content comes into play.

By outsourcing content creation to users and customers, you provide a human connection to your brand. After all, potential customers will be more likely to do business if they are motivated by peer-generated social proof.

Social Media Reach

Influence Away

While influencer marketing certainly isn’t new, it can actually benefit organic social media reach. Brands just have to find the right influencers that align with their message and target audience.

Once brands partner with these influencers, they will gain traffic, eyes and especially reach. In turn, they will “influence” their audience to engage with a brand and make purchases. Altogether, this can increase organic reach.

Organic social media reach is incredibly important for digital marketing, so use these tips to combat the decline.

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