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Is DIY Web Design Really the Best Option for your Business?

These days, having a website for your business is non-negotiable. As a hub of your online presence and digital marketing efforts, you’ll open yourself up to a much wider audience. However, when it comes to crafting it, there’s an important decision you must make. Should you hire an agency or opt for a DIY web design? In the following blog, we’ll outline why a web design agency is usually the better option.

Why Hiring an Agency is Better than Opting for DIY Web Design

A Unique Website

When you use DIY web design, chances are that you’ll be choosing your layout from a library of pre-designed templates. While that may seem like an advantage, it’s really not. That’s because, when you use these templates, the chances are high that some other company is using the exact same one.

Not to mention, these templates have tons of limitations when it comes to design and functionality. When you choose an established web design agency, you will receive a custom website tailored to your brand and its needs. With DIY web design, that’s not always possible.

A website design in progress

Targeted Functionality

With DIY websites, the layout may include some predefined features that, whether you want them or not, can’t be removed or altered. If there are certain things you want to add, it may not be feasible. If there are certain things you want to take away, you may not be able to.

And occasionally, the addition of extraneous details can muddle your message, confuse readers and sometimes even slow down your site.

Little figures designing a website

Search Engine Optimization

Although there’s usually some SEO tactics included with DIYs, a web design agency will be much more comprehensive when it comes to optimization. They know tactics, best practices and new trends that can help you rank higher and get noticed.

After all, a successful business website is one that can be easily found by your audience through search engines.

Responsive website design

Growth Opportunities

DIY web designs are widespread, yet extremely limiting. Once you’re set in a template, it can be nearly impossible to change it. Think about it in terms of growth. If your website is a success and your visitors are growing by the day, it will be hard to make the changes that your website needs.

When you hire a web design agency, you have the benefit of a team that will help your website expand as your brand evolves. Ultimately, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself with an outdated, unusable website.

So, if you’re looking to create or update your company’s website, you’ve come to the right place. Our web design team has the knowledge and experience needed to craft a site for your business and its unique needs. Contact us today to get started!

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