Father’s Day Ads

Solid Father’s Day Ads that We’ve Enjoyed Over the Years

Although Father’s Day doesn’t have the same commercial appeal as Mother’s Day, it’s still a great opportunity for advertisers. That’s why, throughout the years, we’ve seen our fair share of Father’s Day ads and commercials. So. If you’re looking to draw inspiration or even just enjoy a few holiday ads, we’ve got the blog for you.

Fat Guy Media’s Favorite Father’s Day Ads


Instead of stock photos of grinning dads, Carhartt went the warm, sentimental route with their Father’s Day ad. Their commercial stars Jason Momoa and other dads, wearing Carhartt, as they talk about fatherhood and what it means to them.

While many brands fail spectacularly at sentimentality, Carhartt hit the nail on the head. They were able to weave their brand into the fiber of what it means to be a dad. They recognize that their audience shares these values, which helps this ad succeed.


Instead of traditional advertising, Glenlivet opted for personalization through Facebook advertising for their Father’s Day ad. To launch their new Founder’s Reserve, they used Facebook as a personalized Father’s Day gift generator.

People were able to personalize a bottle’s label as a gift for their dad. This fun, creative campaign led to an 11 percent sales uplift for the brand. Although the gift is a novelty, it undoubtedly led to many dads raising their glasses to Glenlivet.


Tiger Woods is certainly a polarizing figure. However, love him or hate him, his Father’s Day ad with Nike was striking. This powerful commercial features the superstar golfer with wise words spoken by his late father.

Although some people think this was a shameless attempt to rehabilitate the controversial golfer’s image, you can’t argue that it features inspiring words from a great dad, Tiger’s father Earl.



As a brand known for its sentimentality, Hallmark nailed their Father’s Day ad. In the social ad, they present a modern view of father figures by representing all the different kinds, from the handyman to the baby-wearer.

It’s great to see an advertisement subverting stereotypes and embracing a much wider audience. However, we’d expect nothing less from the king of greeting cards.

Hopefully, these few Father’s Day ads will help get you in the spirit to celebrate the father figure in your life!

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