Top Blogs of the Decade

The 10 Top Blogs of the Decade: Fat Guy Media Edition

By now, you’ve probably read (or at least seen) every kind of “best of” list for the decade imaginable. Well, we here at Fat Guy Media would like to present the definitive, highly-anticipated list of our top blogs of the decade. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list (which is in no particular order)!

Fat Guy Media’s Top Blogs of the Decade

1.      What is a Target Audience, and Why is it so Important?

By Tom Hallissey

We’d be remiss not to first include our highest performing, most informative piece of content in history in our top blogs list.

2.      What’s Up with All of these Social Media Holidays?

By Nick Gaffney

There’s truly no better person to wax poetic on the rampant social media holiday phenomenon than our resident social media expert, jack-of-all-trades and part-time blog writer, Nick.

Person liking social media posts on mobile phone

3.      What’s a Consumer Journey, and What are its Core Components?

By Collin McGorty

To understand what exactly we do here, it’s important to fully grasp the consumer journey from start to finish!

4.      A Look Back at the Top Google Searches and Trends of 2019

By Caroline Fallon

Not only did the past year see it’s fair share of solid blogs, it also saw the introduction of our new blog writer, Caroline, who finds herself on our list of the top blogs with a list of her own!

5.      5 Memorable Product Placement Moments in Movies

By Nick Gaffney

Not all Fat Guy Media blogs are how-to guides or do’s and don’ts. Sometimes, they involve dissecting the top product placement moments in film history!

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6.      Cold Calling is Dead; Long Live Inbound Marketing

By Tom Hallissey

If you’re interested in reading cold calling’s official obituary, Tom’s got you covered with this top blog of the decade!

7.      The Top Instagram Influencer Fails of All-Time: A Deep Dive

By Collin McGorty

Whether you hate to love them or love to hate them, influencers remain a large part of social media. But in any case, they do occasionally make us laugh, albeit unintentionally. That’s why we compiled an amalgamation of the top moments where they did just that.

8.      Facebook Business Pages vs. Personal Pages: What You Need to Know

By Nick Gaffney

Like we said before, Nick is one of the top social media experts around these parts. So, if you’re looking for a definitive guide to the differences between business and personal Facebook pages, this top blog has got you covered.

Facebook profile theme

9.      Sports Marketing Strategies: A Game Plan to Win Fans

By Tom Hallissey

Some of Fat Guy Media’s content meets at the intersection of sports and marketing. Therefore, this blog from Tom strikes that equilibrium rather harmoniously!

10.   4 Famous Publicity Stunts that Caught our Attention

By Collin McGorty

Last (but certainly not least) on our list of our top blogs of the decade is a collection of famous publicity stunts throughout history. You can certainly sit back and enjoy the moments, but it might be better to use them as a cautionary tale!

We can talk all we want about our top blogs of the decade. But the fact is that we wouldn’t be able to do it without the continued support of our readers!

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