Business Case Study

How to Use a Business Case Study to your Advantage

These days, it’s rare for someone to even go to lunch without first seeking recommendations or online reviews. Actually, many companies pursue customer testimonials, which sometimes include case studies. Consumers use a business case study to learn what kind of experiences people are having with a particular product or service. Therefore, here are some important ways to utilize them.

Leveraging your Business Case Study: A Beginner’s Guide


One of the most obvious places to put a business case study is on your brand’s website. Besides a dedicated case studies page, many people use them on their homepage to provide the proper first impression to users. After all, if that’s what users are looking for, why not provide it as soon as they navigate to a site?

Brands also use them to create web content like calls-to-action, blogs, videos, landing pages and more. You just need to decide which format can best expose it to your audience.

Just make sure the content is centered on the customer’s journey and challenges and not your company, product or service. Otherwise, it might come off as a bit self-centered and the case study will lose its effectiveness.

Business Case Study

Other Methods

Although websites are great for displaying a business case study, they’re not the only place where they perform well. In fact, promoting case studies on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can go a long way towards expanding your reach to the right audience.

Additionally, you can use them to craft email marketing campaigns and newsletters, especially if you have specific segmented lists. After all, case studies may help you gain more attention, since consumers value companies that treat their customers right.

Otherwise, if you aren’t ready to use email marketing to promote your case study, simply sneak it into your email signature!

Business Case Study


Believe it or not, aside from the potential marketing advantages, a business case study can also improve your sales process. In an age when consumers are more connected than ever, sales reps no longer need to go in-depth about the advantages of your products or services.

Instead, they can show exactly how other businesses in similar industries benefited from your products or services. When used correctly, these case studies can become the crux of your entire sales presentation.

Business Case Study

Now that reviews and testimonials are the biggest influencers on the web, a business case study is more important than ever.

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