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How an Ecommerce Website can Thrive with Digital Marketing

Your ecommerce shop is never going to get anywhere unless you are consistently attracting new customers to your website. Your ecommerce website is the primary tool to help convert views and clicks to sales and profits. Here are some valuable tips and insights that should help you reach new audiences, grow your business and expand your brand.

Essential Tips for Operating an Ecommerce Website

Utilize Social Media

A fundamental part of your ecommerce website’s digital marketing strategy should be to promote and advertise using social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all instrumental for driving user interaction and general awareness, which essentially results in more customers and sales.

ecommerce website

Incorporating Social Media

You should also incorporate social elements within your website such as:

  • Follow or Like buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Share buttons
  • Product reviews

Consumers often gravitate towards brands that can seamlessly integrate vital social elements with their own unique content.

Shopping Carts

When shopping online, like at your standard brick-and-mortar store, your potential purchases will be put in a cart before checkout. Often, many shoppers will abandon their carts entirely and cause the online retailer to lose a sale.

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Visitor Reengagement

However, what if retailers don’t always have to lose that sale? There are still ways that you can reengage with visitors after they abandon their cart. For instance, if that person is already in your sales funnel, you will be able to send them follow-up emails.

These emails can range from reminding them exactly what items were in their cart to an incentive such as a discount code. Just make sure that any content you send includes attention-grabbing headlines and attractive images—otherwise that user will have no reason to click on it.

Keep Items on Hold

Lastly, no matter what, always preserve a user’s cart for them. They will appreciate the convenience and ease of your site, which may even lead to a purchase.

More Opportunities

When users browse your products, there are several key opportunities that you have to get more out of each sale. For instance, savvy tactics like upselling and cross-selling have been proven to get the job done.

ecommerce website


Upselling is the process of inspiring a customer to spend more by purchasing additional versions of products and upgrades.

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re probably familiar with the sections “You Might Also Like” and “Customers Also Shopped.” Usually, if an online retailer can prove the worth of splurging on additional or more expensive products, the customer will tend to go for it.


On the other hand, cross-selling is a sales technique where the seller bundles products that are related to those a customer already owns (or is buying). For instance, if you’re buying a video game console, the seller might also include controllers, games and headphones. It’s just about proper positioning!

If you put these proven tactics and techniques into practice, your ecommerce website will be on the path towards success!

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