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The Aspects of Technology Marketing, the Inbound Way

Relying on strategies of attraction rather than promotion, inbound marketing is proven to increase visitors, leads and customers. This method, which works across all types of industries, is particularly effective for technology marketing.

How Technology Marketing Attracts Customers


Branding or rebranding helps technology companies gain name recognition. A new logo can define a company by creating an aesthetic and emotional appeal.

Branding attracts the intended target audience by communicating the essence of a company through certain colors and typefaces that are appropriate for its target audiences.

With consistency on every platform of your company’s Internet presence, brand recognition will develop. By establishing a connection with a target audience, a company can begin to build brand loyalty, a valuable commodity.

Web Design

Because of the nature of its industry, a technology company with an outdated website does itself more of a disservice than a business in any other sector. A website, which creates a first impression for many potential customers, is the cornerstone of technology marketing efforts.

By adding elements like easy navigation, informative content and crisp imagery, web design can help a site to become an engine to convert web searchers into paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of increasing the number of website visitors by maximizing the visibility of a website in organic search engine results pages. By optimizing certain key elements of a website, potential customers can find it more easily online.

A search engine optimized website aims to answer questions that its potential customers are asking when they scour the web for products or services. SEO is proven to generate more traffic to a site, convert more first-time visitors and build brand recognition.
Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is another effective technology marketing strategy. It offers an immediate, paid, search engine results listing as a result of marketing practices like pay per click (PPC), search analytics and web analytics.

Through extensive research of keywords and buyer personas, a company will rank highly for those terms that best match their service offerings. This method is proven to not only bring more traffic to a website but to bring more qualified leads to a business.

technology marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing will attract attention to a brand or its website by posting relevant, compelling content on various social media platforms. By creating a relatable online persona, new visitors can begin to build a relationship with a brand. As a company engages users in real time, it can also build trust by increasing its customer service.

A big advantage to social media marketing is its analytic capabilities. For example, an IT Company can easily see how much engagement or interaction each social post receives. This data can then be used to improve and refine current and future campaigns.


After a launch or a redesign, some business websites remain static as they fall further and further down search engine results pages. Blogging offers an easy opportunity to keep websites full of fresh, relevant, educational content. As search engines scan the Internet for recent content, continuing to post new blogs boosts SEO.

Another key benefit of blogging is its ability to increase the readers trust. It establishes awareness of a company by developing thought leadership. At the same time, it raises buyer’s esteem of your company, causing them to be more likely to become a paying customer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, which has a return on investment of around 4,300 percent, offers businesses the opportunity to reach a large audience in a very short span of time.

This measurable medium allows a business to reach its target audience by distributing messages to segmented lists of contacts. Email campaigns can be use to reinforce brand awareness. With its receptive audience, email marketing produces a high conversion rate.

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