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The Elements of a Website Optimized for Online Lead Generation

When looking to optimize your website, there are many different elements to consider incorporating into the design. Although color schemes are very important, it pays to consider how potential customers will move through the buyer’s journey. Find out about the possibilities for online lead generation available with professional web design.

How Your Website Can Become an Engine for Lead Generation

Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons (CTAs) are a quintessential part of professional web design. However, they need to be eye-catching to attract new leads. Creative CTAs can make all the difference in your online lead generation. We recommend thinking outside the box to make them stand out.

Sign-Up Forms

Placing sign-up forms on your website allows your company to collect contact information from your visitors virtually. As a result, it is one of the most highly recommended online lead generation tools available today. Pro tip: add email sign-up forms to your most popular pages to gather even more leads.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are another crucial part of your website’s online lead generation funnel.

3 Things to Consider About Your Landing Pages

  1. Are they straight and to the point?
  2. Are there easy-to-follow instructions?
  3. Is the purpose of your landing pages clear to all visitors?

Answering these critical questions when auditing your landing pages will help increase your website’s conversion rate.

Thank You Pages

Thank you pages often play second-fiddle to landing pages, but they are equally important to the lead generation process.

Website thank you pages are a smart way to nurture leads. In addition to thanking your prospect, you can provide additional information, like a link to a download or special offer.

Your website can be an online lead generation engine

Measuring Performance and Revising Web Strategy

The great thing about a website is that it provides mountains of measurable data. These insights can be used to revise and refine your online marketing efforts.

What You Might Learn from Mining Data

For example, do you have a sign-up form on your homepage that generates just a few leads a month? Then, maybe it’s time to experiment with new designs, different placement or moving it to a new page altogether?

Ask Us for Help Building Your Online Lead Generation Funnel

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To learn more about our services and how we can propel your business into the digital age, contact us today.

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